The Secret To Getting Your Boyfriend Back Quickly And Easily

Published: 17th October 2011
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If your boyfriend broke up with you and you're frantic to get him back I want to help you. I really truly do believe in love and I hate it that you are going through this. If it were possible I would be there with you right now to keep you from doing stupid stuff and to help you to start doing the things that will actually help you to get your boyfriend back.That is what true friends do for each other and in spite of the fact that I really don't know you, I know the pain that a breakup can bring and I know that with a little help you really can get your boyfriend back.

Even though it might be great to have one close friend that you see every day to help you through this trying time I will suggest that you keep from sharing your plans to get your ex back with anyone. Keep all of this to yourself and live your life as if you are doing fine while holding within your heart the knowledge that you are going to be able to get him back. You don't have to let anyone know that you feel sure that he'll come back to you. You don't have to tell anyone that you still love him or that you want him back. You are simply living your life and feeling comfortable in your own skin and with yourself, OK?

You see, the element of surprise is very important and your boyfriend is going to be suspicious of anything and everything that you do for a while. If you have tried anything to change his mind and convince him to take you back, he is going to be suspicious and guarded about any contact from you and any news that might leak to him from your friends or family. Don't be surprised if he actually starts contacting mutual friends or your family under the guise of just checking on you to make sure that you are OK. Yes, this is a good sign but it is not the end of the game and not a reason to contact him or confront him with this information.

Unfortunately, if you are serious about getting your boyfriend back it really might take some gameplaying. Strategy and sticking to an effective plan is necessary when emotions are high and the relationship dynamic is off kilter. Your boyfriend's ego is probably a bit inflated artificially after the breakup so do not feed his ego any more by trying to contact him or talk to him about the breakup. I know that this is going to be difficult and that you miss him so much that your heart actually physically hurts but do whatever is needed to keep from giving in to that temptation to contact him and lay your heart on the line. I don't want to see you get hurt any further and I don't want you to ruin your chances of getting him back.

Allow a short amount of time to pass before seriously working on getting him back. I am not talking about months or even weeks but a few days to allow yourself to grieve a bit and muster up the necessary self confidence to move forward with a plan to get him back. Your self confidence as a woman is your most precious assett when you are trying to win back an ex and any attempt to get him back without that necessary confidence will come off as lame as your weakness will be seen through your actions, your words and your plan. Look at yourself in the mirror. Stare into those eyes and remember the many times that he told you that he loved you. You can have that love back but your strength and persistence is necessary.

In order for you to get your boyfriend back you are going to need to change the power balance in your relationship. You are going to have to take back the power that you once had and make him begin to want to be around you and want to talk with you and want to make you his girlfriend again. Right now, the power dynamic is so out of whack that he doesn't even want to talk about getting back together or if he does he simply considers this a courtesy so he doesn't feel guilty about dumping you. You don't want to get him back out of pity, do you? You want him to come back wanting and desiring you in a way that he never has before. This is absolutely possible but it's going to take some effort on your part. You are going to have to be strong if you hope to get your boyfriend back.

Why am I sharing this information with you? I want to help you to get your boyfriend back because I have been through the heartbreak of being dumped and I know how much it hurts. I also know how you can get your boyfriend back and I don't want to see one of my sisters suffer needlessly. There is no reason for it and it can be avoided in every case if you know how to play things. Unrequited love simply shouldn't exist and if your boyfriend loved you before you can make him love you again. This is a simple fact. Love doesn't go away it only gets buried under garbage that, for the most part, we women create ourselves by being too nice or by messing up a little bit and allowing a boyfriend to take control of a relationship.

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